August ‘16
Founder of Pier 88

August ‘16


The absolute nightlife whizz behind ‘Pier 88’ hasn’t always been in the F&B field; Giovanni Bolandrini has previously worked in the fashion industry after founding one of the most luxurious fashion boutiques around the globe -’Vertice’. After hosting some of the most elaborate fashion events and styling internationally renowned celebrities, Giovanni has finally settled down in Egypt as an F&B entrepreneur.

Tell us about yourself and ‘Pier 88’.

I am a very determined and passionate individual with a background in fashion. When I moved to London from Italy, I created ‘Vertice’ –one of the most avant garde fashion boutiques in the world, styling many of the world’s recognised faces. Now I have left London to settle permanently in Gouna, Egypt, giving up my career in fashion to fulfil a career in F&B.

What is the essence of ‘Pier 88’ Nile River and its vision?

What I am trying to do at ‘Pier 88’ is put a bit of spice into the kitchen by fusing fashion with exemplary cuisine. I want to give people an extraordinary culinary and lifestyle experience where they can indulge in exquisite Italian and Mediterranean food in an appetizingly alluring atmosphere. 

Tell us about your previous most famous events/projects.

Well, within the realm of fashion I have had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s most well known faces thanks to my high-end fashion boutique, ‘Vertice’; however, within the realm of F&B, I would of course have to say that my most well known projects include ‘Pier 88’, Gouna, ‘cLUB 88’ and some astonishing New Year’s Eve parties.

How do you manage to stay on top?

It is the love and passion I have for what I do. I am extremely dedicated to my work; I live and breath it, and everything that I do is driven by determination and passion.  

What separates your brand/ services from the competition?

To be very honest, I really don’t believe in the word “competition”. Everyone wants to fulfil their own dreams, so I try to fulfil mine and let others do their thing. I chose to bring ‘Pier 88’ to life in Egypt because I wanted to merge the two vital ingredients of the charismatic and good-hearted people of Egypt with the trade I learnt in Europe.  

What’s your philosophy/mantra and what are your passions?

I am a firm believer in enjoying life to the max. I am also a perfectionist and believe in a utopian world, which of course doesn’t exist; however, I try to make it as flawless as I possibly can through my own vision. On another note, I have a passion for everything I deem beautiful. From art and food, to clothing and architecture. 

What trends do you believe are emerging in the F&B scene lately?

That’s quite a difficult question as I believe F&B tastes cannot be generalized and made into trends. F&B is an experimental business where new fusions of ingredients are constantly arising and consistently materializing our ideas. 

How do you reinvent your identity?

I wouldn’t say I ever reinvent my identity. Perhaps the best way to describe it is to say I add to it. As my experiences accumulate, they all play a part in shaping who I am. I bring my identity to everything I do. 

How has F&B in Egypt evolved in the last five years and why?

In the last five years, I think that the populace found a gap in the F&B market when comparing it to Europe or other travel destinations, but now F&B in Egypt has become a new form of lifestyle and entertainment. Through the experiences you gain, you begin to see what you would like to have readily available at home and therefore you try and incorporate it.

In your opinion, what’s Egypt’s nightlife/F&B scene missing today?

It is not up to me to say what is missing in Egypt’s F&B scene. What I am doing is bringing a concept that I believe people will enjoy; a place where they are provided with excellent food and a mesmerizing atmosphere. 

A successful party/restaurant is…

I believe people, music and atmosphere are what craft a successful event. A successful restaurant, however, is achieved through food, atmosphere and décor! 

What are three things that must be in your bag or car at all times?

Three things that I always have in my car are my flip-flops, my tuxedo jacket, and my credit card. 


If stranded on an island, what are three items you would want with you?

A picture of my family, my toothbrush and a lighter. 

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

I would love to see the youth believe in themselves and be passionate about their goals. I strongly believe that you need to develop a passionate side for what you do. What has always helped and driven me to where I am now is the fervour as well as the dedication that I have for what I do. ‘Pier 88’ is part of my life; it’s part of me. 


Photo Credit: CairoScene